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Having recently lost his wife to suicide, Brad (Conor Marsh) is plagued with guilt and unanswered questions. Brad’s late wife Veronica (Jessica Felice) had been spending an excessive amount of time with her new church group leading up to her taking her own life and he believes that they may know more about her death than they are leading on. Brad takes it upon himself to unravel the mystery.


We find Brad alone in his bedroom writing in his journal, logging his accounts of attempts to channel Veronica using recently learned scrying practices. Brad’s vulnerable state blinds him to the dangers of black magick.






Jessica Felice as Veronica


Conor Marsh as Brad



Cave House Crew


Written & Directed by

Derek Silver


Produced by

Derek Silver

Peter Rackley


Visual Effects Production

Peter Rackley

Justin McCormick


Sound Design & Foley Production

Conrad Coe


Audio Post Production

Patrick Cooper


Special Effects Production

Daniel Oates




8/19/19 - First Comic News Interview with Jessica Felice.

















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